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Royalty Relations

As a royalty/interest owner, you may have questions about your payments and your responsibilities. Representatives in our customer care center are here to help.

Interest owners can speak directly with a Royalty/Interest Owner Relations Specialist at 713-209-1112, or correspond with us at

Through communication with the American Royalty Council and the National Association of Royalty Owners (NARO), we continuously strive to improve service offerings.

CIMA also offers a wide range of other producer services designed to accelerate growth and profitability. Please see our Producer Services section for additional information.

Texas Royalty Owners
Pursuant to HB 981 passed by the Legislature of the State of Texas, we are required to provide you with the following information:
Section 91.504, Texas Natural Resources Code, gives an owner of a royalty interest in oil or gas produced in Texas the right to request from a payor information about itemized deductions, the heating value of the gas and the Railroad Commission of Texas identification number for the lease, property or well that may not have been provided to the royalty interest owner. The request must be in writing and must be made by certified mail. A payor must respond to a request regarding itemized deductions, the heating value of the gas or the Railroad Commission of Texas identification number by certified mail not later than the 60th day after the date the request is received. Additional information regarding production and related information may be obtained by contacting the Railroad Commission of Texas’ office of Public Assistance or accessing the commission’s website.



I have a question about my royalty check. Whom do I contact?

Royalty/Interest Owner Relations
Phone: 713-209-1112
Fax: 713-759-1186

What is a division order?

A division order is an authorization for payment by the owner directing the payor to pay the owner in accordance with the decimal interest set out in the division order. The owner should always verify the accuracy of the information contained in the division order prior to signing and returning the instrument. The owner must provide the correct Social Security number/tax identification number to the operator to avoid suspension of interest and the deduction of back-up withholding as required by the Internal Revenue Service. The owner should maintain a copy of the division order for future reference.

How do I transfer my interest in a property?

Interest may be transferred by a recorded instrument of conveyance. The conveyance must be recorded in the county where the property is located. CIMA must receive a recorded copy of the conveyance to transfer interest and issue division orders. You may want to have your attorney prepare these documents. If transferring to a trust, please provide a copy of the document appointing the trustee.

What if I change address or marital status?

Address changes must be received in writing. Please send changes to CIMA ENERGY, LTD., attention Division Order Department. Include your name, old address, new address and signature. Please include your owner number and Social Security number for verification. Please send a copy of your marriage certificate to update your name as a result of marriage or a copy of your divorce decree as a result of a divorce.

What happens when owner of a property dies?

Once notified, the deceased owner revenue will be held in suspense until receipt of the proper probate documents or affidavit of death of heirship is received. Upon notifying CIMA, you will be sent a package describing what must be received to transfer the interest from the deceased owner to the appropriate parties.

Where can I research unclaimed funds?

Each state makes an effort to locate rightful owners of production revenues through a single organization, holding the funds forever until the owner is found. To locate and collect unclaimed funds, visit the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators’ (NAUPA) website at

What type of annual statements will I receive?

Royalty interest owners receiving more than $10 and working-interest owners receiving more than $ 600 annually receive IRS Form 1099. This summarizes your total payments and tax withholdings for the previous year.

What do I do if my check is lost, stolen or becomes outdated?

Please call 713-209-1112 and ask for Division Order Department.

When are royalty payments suspended?

For your protection, payments are suspended upon a title dispute, the assignment of interest, notice of death, transfer of property or in the event of no known address. Keeping your information current can prevent this inconvenience.

Which state regulatory agency can I contact regarding my property?

Texas Railroad Commission

Louisiana Office of Conservation

Oklahoma Corporation Commission

When will I be paid?

Most royalty owners will receive a monthly check. Small amounts are accumulated and paid as stated in your division order, usually $100, or once a year. Most states also have laws that affect this policy.

How much is my property worth?

Due to the many variables involved in determining the estimated value of your property, we cannot provide such valuations. We recommend that you contact the operator of your property or an oil and gas broker in the area where the property is located in order to obtain this type of valuation.

Can you provide me with the form I need to convey my interest?

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide forms for conveying oil and gas interests. However, you may contact an attorney, legal aid society, or your local bar association for assistance in handling these matters.

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