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Crude Oil Marketing

We offer expertise in exporting, bulk buying, lease marketing, lease purchasing, logistics, and quality bank evaluation/verification to our customers.

Access. Speed. Experience.

CIMA’s staff of marketers and transportation personnel work with field operators to connect crude oil to refinery needs – meeting industry specifications and providing services to all sides of the market. Critical access to terminals by barge, ship, rail, or truck and our exceptional speed of loading and unloading are key differentiators in driving logistical solutions for our customers. The result is a quality product from the wellhead to the refinery burner.
CIMA’s Crude Oil Marketing and Trading Department consists of a highly experienced staff in all areas of marketing including regional expertise in Mid-Continent, Rocky Mountains, Gulf Coast, Gulf of Mexico, and Canada. Our staff offers expertise in exporting, bulk buying, lease marketing, lease purchasing, logistics, scheduling, lease reconciliation, and quality bank evaluation/verification. With high volume transactions and established financial credit backed by Mitsubishi Corporation, customers can rely on product availability and service continuity.


    • Bulk Buying
    • Purchasing Oil at Wellhead
    • Transportation Coordination
    • Value-Added Trading
    • Real-time Market Intelligence
    • Revenue Distribution
    • Market Consultation – Exploration, Production, and Acquisitions Support
    • Variable and Forward Pricing Solutions
    • Lease/Purchase Contracts and Pricing Mechanisms
    • Crude Oil Price Monitoring and Analysis
    • Exporting

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