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Cima Energy Ltd.

Natural Gas Marketing

We are active on all major pipelines and markets from coast to coast, servicing hundreds of utility, wholesale and end-user natural gas customers.

Crude Oil Marketing and Trading

We offer expertise in lease marketing, lease purchasing, logistics, and quality bank evaluation/verification to our customers.

Producer Services

CIMA Energy’s experience, size, service offerings, structure, and financial stability provides total turnkey advantages to independent producers. In all major producing regions, customers rely on CIMA for comprehensive services to help them improve profitability, expand quickly, and simplify day-to-day operations.

Royalty Relations

As a royalty/interest owner, you may have questions about your payments and your responsibilities. Representatives in our customer care center are here to help.
Natural Gas Marketing Crude Oil Marketing and Trading Producer Services Royalty Relations

CIMA is a progressive and competitive provider of midstream services to oil and gas producers, industrial consumers, electric generators, refiners and other significant energy users.


CIMA is an equal opportunity employer always looking for professionals wanting a successful career in the oil and gas marketing industry.

Do you want to grow with us? Search for your new career at CIMA and become a part of our company. Please apply for a position filling the form below and upload your resume, we will contact you as soon as possible.

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